No Help to Me

I hate to give a generally well-written book a poor review, but Help, Thanks, Wow simply wasn’t for me. I admire Lamott’s openness about her own brokenness–although it does make any criticism I level at the book feel like I’m picking on her. I just can’t relate to her. Not that we aren’t all broken and struggling in some way. But she writes with such specific examples that she’s bound to exclude someone, with so many references to literary works, works of art, and classic movies, as well as cultural and personal experiences that I don’t know, am not interested in, and/or can never hope to afford. The literary references were especially frustrating, as they were often used to explain a point that Lamott was trying to make. I could generally ascertain what she was trying to say anyway, but I got frustrated with the process very quickly.
I also can’t agree with some of Lamott’s theology. It doesn’t seem to fall within the parameters of Christian orthodoxy.  So let’s just say that it never hurts to be reminded to pray and to be reminded that none of us is perfect, and that Anne Lamott and I simply weren’t meant to be friends, and leave it at that. She did a good job reading her own book for audio format, and the book is mercifully short. Considering that this is the second Lamott book I’ve read, and the second to underwhelm me, I think I’ll pass on any of her other books in in the future.


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