Only Partially Enjoyable

Thank God I’m finished with this book! I listened to Partials on audio, and it felt absolutely interminable. The woman reading the book did a decent job, and the plot was action-packed and fast moving. But I found Kira to be one of the most annoying protagonists I’ve read in a long time. She was everything that was stereotypically annoying about teenage girls, mostly constant mood swings and massive melodrama, which was rarely necessary. I realize when you’re facing the potential end of the world, tensions are probably running high, and moods might be a bit unstable, but Kira was ridiculous and annoying. Her ideas were far-fetched and caused lots of collateral damage, and yet that only seemed to encourage everyone she encountered to trust her more…or fall in love with her.
I applaud the effort to have a multicultural group of characters, even if it felt a little forced and stereotypical. The rest of the characters were not as annoying as Kira. I liked Jayden, and thought he deserved better than the storyline he got. Marcus could do better too. I liked Samm the most, but even so, I’m not actually invested in a single one of these characters, and could care less what happens in the following books, which I won’t be reading.
It didn’t help that the book needed a good proofread, both for simple fact checks (i.e. nutmeg doesn’t grow in northern gardens, kudzu doesn’t generally grow as far north as Long Island, and even if it did, it’s not the only creeping vine native to the area, etc.) and continuity (Tovar’s steed is referred to first as a camel, then a donkey, then a camel. A single gun is often referred to interchangeably as rifle, shotgun, and semiautomatic in the same scene. That may actually be more of a lack of knowledge than continuity. Extremely distracting, but difficult to tell.). The author had a lot of stock words, phrases, and actions he used repeatedly as well, such as “thumbing” the button on a walkie-talkie, kudzu climbing on buildings, and Kira having a hissy fit/ tantrum.
It’s a shame. This book had plenty of potential, with interesting world building and a fairly interesting and fast moving plot, despite relying so heavily on Kira’s crazy impulsive actions. But when you spend the whole book muttering rude comments at a fictional character and rolling your eyes at her, it’s not a satisfying read. Time to go find a better book.


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