Yes, I just read the third Iron Druid book, in less than a month’s time. No, I am not making very good progress with my “read what I own” campaign. Maybe now that I’m finished with this book…

In some ways I did not enjoy Hammered as much as the first two in the series. I struggled to get involved with the storyline at first, didn’t really enjoy the extended reconnaissance and battle scenes, and was just feeling very frustrated with Atticus’s immaturity, smugness, and level of violence, no to mention the way women are depicted in these stories. What I did like about this story, though, was that it addressed many of the things that annoyed me about Atticus (although not the woman issue. alas). He admitted that he could be smug (and he paid a price, however small, for his smugness). He bemoaned the violence into which his choices had led him into. Did he become any less perfect and all powerful? Maybe a little. The story isn’t completely happy ever after this time, in fact, it kind of ends on a violent down note, with more questions than answers. (There was, of course, someone around to heal his ear, though.) I’m curious to see what the fallout from his encounters will be, which is, I suppose, the point of the books. Keep me interested and reading. I’m hoping Granuille eventually becomes less of an acolyte and more of an equal to Atticus, and that there might be other female characters introduced who are worth respecting for something other than their cup size.
I wasn’t crazy about the “buddy Jesus” he depicted, but it’s not the first time Jesus has been depicted that way, and for the most part it was still more reverent than any of the author’s treatment of other gods. I also enjoyed the diverse assortment of short stories that the author integrated into the main story.  I appreciate that in each book the circle of cultures and religions and mythologies that he covers expands further.  I found Scandinavian mythology less interesting than Irish, but still worth learning about, and I look forward to whatever else I might learn about in future books. Because no matter how annoyed I am with how women are depicted in these books (described solely by level of desirability, never a true threat for Atticus, etc), I find the books interesting, so I keep reading, at least for now.


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