Dead Never After

I read the first twelve books in the Sookie Stackhouse series, and I really enjoyed most of them. The last two or three books were not stellar, in my opinion, but I soldiered on, since I’d already invested so much time and emotion into the storyline. And I nervously awaited book thirteen, the final Sookie book. I wasn’t just worried about Sookie’s romantic fate, but that was a major one of my concerns. The series had spent so much time and energy building up a chemistry and then a relationship between Sookie and Eric, only to start tearing away at it in the past few books. I had a bad feeling about where the story was headed, and based on every spoiler I’ve read, I was right.

But it’s not just that I’m angry with Sookie’s totally unromantic ending. It’s HOW she ends up that way. All the fun was sucked out of these books several books ago.  Life is too short to force myself to read joyless books that take all the expectations I’ve built up through loyal readership and the writing itself, and just stomp on them. Sookie doesn’t seem likable to me anymore, but instead a broken down, bitter woman, settling for what she can, instead of fighting for what she really wants, or at least used to want. She’s tired of her life and its drama, and so am I. Eric isn’t the same person anymore either, in a way that seems a betrayal of the irresistible character he once was, and not at all a logical character progression.

Which is why I won’t be reading this book. I read enough reviews to know that I needed to check out the spoiler reviews, and once I heard, not just the end, but also the events leading up to the end, and how the ending was achieved in this book, I simply can’t make myself do it. I am getting rid of my Sookie books and forgetting this series. I’m also removing any additional Charlaine Harris books still on my to-read lists. I detested An Ice Cold Grave and I didn’t care for the first Lily Bard book either. I’ve come to the conclusion that the fun, enjoyable Sookie beginning aside, Charlaine Harris simply doesn’t write the kind of stories or characters that I want to read (about). I don’t know what trauma has occurred in her life to keep making her write such unlikable, unfriendly, emotionally scarred women, with such unsatisfying relationships, but I’m not going to keep wasting my time and happiness on books that disappoint. There are too many other great books out there for that.

So goodbye, Charlaine Harris. I’d say it’s been nice, but I’d be lying. Good luck with that new series; I surely won’t be reading it.


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