Cheesy Fun

Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm is an interesting graphic rendition of the first book in the other set of spin off novels from the TV show Castle. I didn’t enjoy this story or these characters as much as I do the Niki Heat stories, probably because of the setting and subject matter. I haven’t read the actual Derrick Storm novels yet, and based on this, I probably won’t. While Derrick Storm DOES investigate things, and is somewhat interesting, he’s not working in the same police procedural format as the Niki Heat books and the Castle TV series. The private investigator angle was initially interesting, but then it quickly gave way to CIA spies and international missions, and felt overblown and silly. Clara Strike was pretty generic, and actually not as hot as Derrick’s flirtation of her might imply. Kudos to the artists for creating a normal-looking female protagonist. And after Jennifer Beal’s role on Castle as Castle’s muse for Clara Strike, I find it difficult to like Clara much anyway. This story is written with the same self-aware cheesiness as the Niki Heat books, and I enjoy a book that can not take itself too seriously. But I think I’ll stick with Niki Heat and Rick Castle & Kate Beckett from now on, and their regular police investigations instead.


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