Bugs, Bugs, Everywhere!

Good  Bug, Bad Bug is a very handy little book about bugs. I’m trying to have a successful organic garden, for the second year in a row, and living in southern Maryland, we’re just swamped in bugs, good and bad. Last year I made the mistake of not realizing that I needed to attract the good bugs, and instead got decimated by the bad ones. This year I’m being a lot more proactive. So this guide helped me be more aware of which bugs I need to look out for, both good and bad. I don’t recommend reading through it before bedtime, like I did–you’re bound to get the shivers and creeps, with so many creepy crawlers depicted and described. But it is useful information, for sure.  It should be appropriate for gardeners in any area of the continental USA, as well: the bug descriptions include their current common areas, but bugs from various areas are covered.

I will say that this book is probably better purchased as an addition to a gardener’s library, than just borrowed from the library like I did. I am sure I’ve retained some of the knowledge in this book, and definitely the principles (attract good bugs by having plant habitats that they prefer, for example. And repelling bad bugs with plants they don’t like.  I bought a lot of flowers and herbs to add to my food garden this year.) But I know I’ll have bug damage later this year, and won’t be able to remember which of the bad bugs it sounds like, and will need to research it again. This definitely seems like a good investment, especially for the beginning organic or natural gardener.


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