*Rolls Eyes*

I just have to say that the main female character’s outfit on the cover of the book, as well as during the opening sequence of the story, was so ridiculous it completely distracted me, and made me lose any respect for the story. Seriously, look at that outfit!

I doubt even a stripper would wear something like that–full body spandex is at least easy to move in, as well as attractive. This outfit just looks like she’s got a wedgie and it’s about to get worse. Not to mention that one wonders how on Earth the top part stays up at all, much less during strenuous physical activity. It looks uncomfortable and impractical. And, of course, sexist, as she is the ONLY character not fully clothed from neck to feet. All the men are not just in long pants but also long sleeved shirts and even jackets. Of course, she DOES have a jacket, worn open the better to see her bustier/ leotard, the worse to actually move around in, much less pursue criminals. My husband actually laughed aloud when he saw the cover drawing.

Seem like a harsh review unrelated to most of the story (her outfit does become more practical as the story unfolds; full body spandex instead of stripper attire.)? Perhaps I shouldn’t read manga. I don’t generally. I find many depictions of female characters within the genre just too disturbing. But I recently read and enjoyed the Gotham Central graphic novels so much that I wanted more: more graphic crime novels. I typed that criteria into my library’s search engine, and this is what I got. Makes me a lot more skeptical of that search engine…

There WAS a crime to be solved, and it was interesting, if rather predictable. But it certainly wasn’t enough to overcome the shortcomings of the book. I won’t be pursuing this series further, and I am going to try harder than ever to steer clear of manga.


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