The Best of Both Worlds

A very quick and enjoyable read. I got through it in one sitting. It was perhaps not the best book to read directly before bed, though, at least not for nightmare-inclined people like myself. It wasn’t too graphic or gorey or even too scary. It just seemed to stick in my subconscious and lead to some seriously bad dreams. I still enjoyed it, though.

I picked this up because I’ve been jonesing for more Gotham Central, but in lieu of that, have decided any crime graphic novels will do. Turns out it was a good choice, the best of both worlds. I got Navajo/ Dine culture crossed with FBI profiling and crime solving, with a magical/ mystical scary twist. I really liked Ann Adaki; she had a bit of an attitude, but she generally had good reasons for her attitude. She just didn’t take any BS from anyone. And Agent Haworth was likeable too, a smart, motivated, stand up guy in the tradition of Hotch from Criminal Minds (always a recommendation for me). The mystery was good and kept me guessing; although a number of my guesses were correct, several other big ones weren’t. I’d definitely read more about these characters and this setting, if there are any more.


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Jane Eyre meets Lisa Simpson meets Belle from Beauty and the Beast meets Velma from Scooby Doo. I read a lot of books.
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