Chocolate Banana Tofu Pudding is better than it sounds

I’ve been meaning to make some variation of a tofu chocolate pudding for some time. While perusing The Food Matters Cookbook, I found this recipe, and decided I’d make it last night. Took a few tweaks of my own, but it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

tasty pudding–after a few tweaks

First, I tried to follow the recipe. I started with the banana half of the recipe. I made it per instructions.  And let me say, that if anyone tries to tell you they can make a delicious banana tofu pudding, they are crazy or lying through their teeth. Ick! It tasted like tofu with a hint of banana. Gross!

So I decided to skip the layering stage and just make the whole batch together. The more, the merrier, right? So I dumped all the ingredients in the blender together and blended.  After it was a nice smooth texture, I tried it. Phew! Much better! But still a faint but unmistakable taste of soy. So I had the genius idea to add a nice soft avocado. And BAM! Soy taste covered, and a nice gooey rich thick pudding results. Definitely tastes of banana as well as chocolate, but the soy taste is pretty much covered. This is really very filling and satisfying, so you don’t need to eat much. But even if you do, it’s mostly protein, thanks to the silken tofu, instead of fatty dairy, like with most conventional puddings.

Put this in the fridge overnight, and it firms up beautifully, into almost a heavy mousse. A small portion is very filling, but tastes delicious. I’m thinking this might be the healthiest option for my nagging sweet tooth, and am going to try to make it again. Instead of sugar syrup, next time I want to try agave nectar, and see how that turns out. I’m also considering some coconut milk creamer to give it a thinner, more pudding-like texture, or replacing the banana with peanut butter.  If I can find good Popsicle molds, I might even see how it freezes. Definitely worth trying!


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